Monday, June 9, 2008

Do it with Enjoyment!

Coming to you via the buddy system and low fundage of "rupples".
We now realize why the Beetles chilled in Rishikesh! The atmosphere is cool, it is cleaner, and the people are far less creepy, not to mention the fact that it is beautiful. While in Rishikesh we did many adventurous things. We hiked up a mountain, did some yoga at sunrise, met Swami Bodhichittinanda, we chilled in an amazing waterfall, jump off a cliff into the "cleaner" Ganges, and went rafting.

The Hike
The hike up the waterfall was long but fun because compared to Delhi the heat was bearable. We played under the waterfall while Elliot read inspirational passages from the Tao Te Ching.

Yoga at sunrise was beyond words. We are positive that Sunrise Salutation never ends it was definitely a work out, but a great way to start the day off.

Imagine going to someones tree house in which they take residence on the side of a mountain, illegally. After arriving the forest authority showed up trying to kick Swami out of his ashram/tree house. Swami is originally from Hickory, NC. We learned not only has he tried every drug but also every religion known to man. One thing he has learned is how to make some really good lemon grass tea.

Rafting was awesome! We rafted down the Ganges in groups of about 6. We got tossed out of our rafts by the tour guides and jumped off of a cliff. The water was "clean", cold, and refreshing like a Maaza.
Britt and Tee

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