Monday, June 9, 2008


After visiting multiple hindu temples, buddhist monasteries, ancient religious sites, even The Beatles ashram, the most amazing day that this trip had to offer was our trip to Tong-Len. I didn't really know what to expect when we got there. All I knew was that we would be working with children, which initially made me dread what would take place that day. All I could picture in the days leading up to our visit was a field of screaming and crying children. (If you can't tell, I haven't had the best luck with babysitting.) Oy vey, was I wrong about what to expect.
Jamyang, who is one of the founders of Tong-Len, showed us around, spoke with us on various topics concerning different projects involving the organization and then led us out to the field where we would be having a picnic with the children. I can't believe the level of generosity that Jamyang shows to everyone around him, and the work that he is doing to help the people of Tong-Len. Once I complete my education, I want to be able to work for some sort of organization that can do the type of good work that he is doing to help people. He is a truly good human being!
Spending the day with those kids completely changed my mind about what this day would offer. These small children got the day off from begging so that they could spend time with us. We colored pictures, painted nails, and most of all, the children loved having their pictures taken. After a morning of playing, they sat down for lunch. These kids were quite skinny; it was nice to see them eat without having to have worked hard for their food.

At another location, there were children who had been sponsored by various individuals to live in a hostel and go to school. These children were completely different than those with whom we had a picnic. They all spoke English beautifully, and most of them wanted to become doctors "so that they could help those less fortunate than themselves."

Kudos to Jamyang and the amazing work that he does!

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