Thursday, June 19, 2008

Better Late than Never!

So I have been back for a total of 9 days in the Great US of A... and although I missed water I can actually drink, people not staring at me, and "Western" style toilets actually stocked with toilet paper I have to say...I miss India.  Yea as much as the sketchy hotels and crazy rickshaw rides might have sucked, India was an experience of a lifetime. The people I went with also made the trip the best experience of my life and I hope that all the talk about helping and doing for Tong Lien wasn't just words. Life is almost back to normal and I have been eating meat everyday since I have been back! But also the problems that I left here are also back...So now what I have to look forward to is a summer school class and moving home to Va until I begin pre-deployment for Iraq. I want to thank everyone who went on the trip this year for the fun times and amazing memories that I will be taking with me, even to Iraq. I especially want to thank Dr. Maher and his AWESOME "Cha Cha in Training" Wes, because without them we wouldn't have had such a great time.