Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I have no idea when we are suppose to start writing on this thing, but I decided...What the heck I will be the first (Besides Dr. Maher) to post a blog. I am more than stoked about this trip to India. I have to say of all the countries I always wanted to visit India wasn't even in the top 10, but this is a trip of a lifetime and if I can make it through basic training then I think India shouldn't be too much harder to survive. I am worried that I don't have everything...that I will forget my passport, and that the clothes I brought will not be to standard. But I am also excited to see places I have never see and to experience a culture that I would never get to ordinarily experience. I want to finish this by leaving some thank yous to people who helped make this trip possible for me....
1. Aunt Sondra
2. Uncle Ernie
3.Dunamis Christian Center
4. The US Army
5. Nancy Ruttle
6. Rebecca Boone
7. Heather Earp
8. Jessica Bish (and Fiancee!)
9. Jennifer Satterwhite
10. Jennifer Chen
11. Avis
12. Barbara
13. Chrissia

Without these people I would never have made it all the way to India...Thanks for your help!