Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going a little stir crazy...

It is definitely weird to be back home again after being away for so long. Like Megan said, it is as if the whole trip was a dream. After spending so much time in India constantly doing something or just engaged in the experience of the trip, it is weird to be at home with nothing to do. I have pretty much spent the whole day trying to occupy my time by cleaning, cooking, reading, or whatever productive thing I can find to do.

It has been cool telling everyone about my experiences but I did not realize how hard it would be to explain how India impacted me and what it was REALLY like. Like Rachel said, I can usually boil it down to telling people how lucky we are to live here. I see people in the grocery store or going about their daily routines and I can tell that they don't realize that they have so many extra comforts and luxuries that other people in the world have never even dreamed of. Even to the people who asked me "Why would you want to go to India???" I think that this trip would be an eye-opener. Visiting India really put my own life and culture into context for me, and it is something that I do not intend to forget.

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