Monday, June 9, 2008

O Buddy System

Going into this trip no one really knew one another, we sat at our meetings in awkward silence. Thanks to the buddy system we are like a little dysfunctional family now.
Maher "Cha Cha"- is like the wise witty uncle who we all turn to to ask every possible question.
Wes "Mini Cha Cha"- is Mahers sidekick in action, a wise uncle in training with a little more razzle dazzle.
Britt and Tee are the best, we have decided we were sisters in a past life. We have laughed our asses off this entire trip. We have had more then just a good time we have had a stupendiously astronomically magnificent time here in India!
We would go on to mention everyone else but that would take a long time and many "Rupples" so we will sum it up by saying will see all our cousins on the other side of the orbe in August at the family reunion and many parties next semester to raise money for Tong Len!
Peace, love, unity, freedom for tibet, peace in the middle east, save darfur, and lots of money for Tong Len.
Tee and Britt

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