Monday, June 2, 2008


I must agree with all the wonderful things everyone said about Rishikesh, but I love Dharmsala!!
There is just something about this place. I think it might be the Tibetan influence. Yesterday we visited a Buddhist temple, it was so beautiful and peaceful with lots of colorful artwork. People were circumambulating and quietly praying and spinnig prayer wheels. It was wonderful. I liked the Hindu temples but the Buddhist temples have a different atmosphere. I can't wait to see more. I wish that we had longer here. I feel like it is what I have been waiting for this whole trip. I am excited to attend more buddhist teachings and learn more about buddhism. I think that visiting this city will enable me to throughly enjoy the tibetan religion and culture class I am signed up for in the fall. I am so excited to be taking another Buddhism class. The first one converted me to a religious studies major, so it is so awesome to be here and try to learn more. On another note, I hope that we have a Dalai Lama sighting while we are here. I was thrilled to find out he returned to Dharmsala today and I will be keeping my eyes peeled. (Ew I hate it when people say that. How do you peel an eye?) Until next time!!!
PS Dylan I will try to get you a mini chess set:)

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