Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh Ganga how I love thee...

I claimed earlier that Varanasi was my favorite place but I think I should stop saying that because it seems that the more places we visit the more I fall in love with the culture and lifestyle that is less chaotic and more laid back. Rishekesh is absolutely beautiful as we're stationed at the foothills of the himalayas and the ganges (the much cleaner ganges) river is winding around through the town. As I said this area is so much more laid back than the other places we have been. I think that all of us are enjoying the atmosphere much more. Yesterday we all took jeeps to go hiking up to this little waterfall. This hike turned a little rigorous but we all made it! As we came to this cave there was an entrance to this little pool area with a a little waterfall in it. Since we've all sweated off about 10 pounds being here in the heat, seeing cleanish, cold, water was amazing! Most of us got in and I swear as I stuck my head under the waterfall I could hear the hallelujah chorus! We all kind of hung out here for awhile and the peacefulness of the water and surroundings was so refreshing that it makes perfect sense that people come here to retreat.

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