Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"The Dalai Lama looks like he'd be the nicest Grandpa ever!"

Since Heather and I are roomies and tend to be attached at the hip, we decided we put forth a joint effort in this blog. We are halfway through our time here in Dharamsala which is interesting because it feels as if we have been here for quite some time now. As Tony and Rachel have both said, Dharamsala is breathtaking with its views and it is so much more appealing with its atmosphere. There are just winding roads with little Tibetan shops and restaurants, and monks and nuns walking around everywhere. We have attended two different buddhist teachings and a prayer for the earthquake victims in China that was hosted by his holiness himself, the Dalai Lama. (Yes we got to see him...and he totally waved at us. Im pretty sure that is a bunch of blessings right there!) This prayer time consisted mostly of mantras that none of us could really understand. However it was really inspiring to sit and be able to take part in this religious act with the Tibetan people. We both really enjoy this culture and the people here, seeing as all of them seem to be so happy. We have walked up and down these streets many times now and are starting to become locals at certain restaurants. People are even recognizing us on the street! (Which I guess isn't that difficult since we are a bunch of Americans). One of the restaurants that we visit frequently, Khanna Nirvana, is not only a great vegetarian place but is also a community center, where they house everything from open mic nights to documentary films, to guest speakers. Since Dharamsala is the Tibetan exile this place offers a lot of information on the conflict between Tibet and China. It is very interesting being in a place where so many people have fled to. I know that I, Megan, did not know much about this conflict until we came here, and now want to do something to help. This topic has brought on many conversations between Heather and I, discussing the unjust that is going on in Tibet and we could do to help. As for now we're unsure, but we are trying to grasp any information about this situation we can and loving all these people as our time is winding down in India. On a side note...Heather and I are both ready for a HUGE HAMBURGER!!!!! See you all soon!

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