Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mountains, mountains, everywhere!

We have been making our way through the lesser Himalayas, going from Varanasi to Rishikesh to Shimla, and finally to Dharamsala. Not only did we leave behind the scorching heat but so many of the facets of India which were wearing on me so heavily. The lifestyle is so much more laid back in the mountain towns when compared to the huge metropolises that we have visited so far. Dharamsala is the Tibetan Buddhist capital-in-exile whilst China continues its ridiculous occupation of Tibet. The religious energy here is incredible and seems so much more inviting to tourists than the sacred Hindu places we have visited so far; a much larger portion of the population here seems genuinely happy with their lives and it certainly shows. Snow capped mountain peaks of the greater Himalayas rise up in clear view from our hotel roof and a large populated plateau sparkles at night on the other side. Although I wasn't sure what to expect of Dharamsala, I know now why I was looking forward so much to finally being here. It has been difficult to motivate myself to find internet and reconnect with the world we left behind in the states; there are certainly things I miss and look forward to being home but yet I don't want to leave this incredible place. With less than a week left in India I feel my time is running short; it will be difficult to leave this place behind.

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